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We are operating at two locations:

Castaic Lake and Lake Perris
Please check the location before you make a reservation.
Castaic Lake: 32839 Lake Hughes Rd, Castaic, CA 91384
Lake Perris: Lake Perris Launch Ramp 6, Moreno Valley, CA 92555
We will take you on our brand new professional MasterCraft boats on a ride at either Castaic Lake just 30 minutes away from Los Angeles or at Lake Elsinore which is conveniently located in between Los Angeles, Palm Springs and San Diego.


We are open all year round.

Wetsuits provided at no charge for colder weather.


boat activities

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2018-09-26 20_edited.jpg

We can just give you a pull behind our wakeboard boat or teach you 

* Board control * Jumps * Spins * Grabs * Basic flips *


 $285 per hour for the parties 2 to 5*

$325 per hour for the parties of 6 to 9

$355 per hour for the parties of 10 to 13  


1 hour minimum is required for booking. 

*If you want to come alone - we'll charge you extra $100 per hour for an observer required by boating rules.

Please let us know in advance if you coming alone. Or better bring your friends and have fun together!

  • The price includes the boat, captain, gas, life vests and watersports gear.

  • The price is per hour and not per person or per activity.

  • You are welcome to use your booked time as you would like.

  • You can try all the different activities and you can split it among your party members.

  • Please be advised that if you want to bring your pet to the boat, we'll charge you an extra fee ($50 per animal).


Please note that we need to confirm your booking. Once it's confirmed you will receive the text message with the driving directions and captain's contacts.

We require all reservations to be made at least 24 hours prior to your desired session time.

If you want to come the same day - contact us and see if we can accommodate your party.  Sometimes we can, sometimes we can not.



Sofia (323) 383-2300

Ilya (424) 239-4548


32839 Lake Hughes Road, Castaic, CA 91384

Lake Perris Launch Ramp 6, Moreno Valley, CA 92555 

Please keep in mind that we aren't on the lake 24/7, so make sure that you have a confirmed appointment before you come to ride.

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